Information Privilege

Co-wrote an article on information privilege as a lens for engaging undergraduate students with scholarly communication issues

Created a forum for the Davidson community to grapple with Sci-Hub, Open Access, and Ethics 

scihubpromotionAbstract: Sci-Hub’s mission is to remove barriers to research and knowledge production, particularly for unaffiliated researchers or researchers in developing countries. Yet, recent research suggests that Sci-Hub is also heavily used by researchers on college campuses, which makes this an important issue for the Davidson community to grapple with. 

The panel will address several questions, such as: What is ethical for Davidson students to do in connection with Sci-Hub? Stealing is forbidden by the Honor Code, but does downloading papers from Sci-Hub represent unethical theft? Is what’s legal always ethical? How are our value judgments influenced by our own privilege and access to information? 

  • Published an article in C&RL News on the success of the panel and potential next steps

Co-created an information privilege booth at Davidson’s annual Privilege Walk (with Cara Evanson)

Co-created and facilitated a workshop (with Cara Evanson and Assistant Director for Career Development Tiffany Waddell) for Davidson’s Senior Summit entitled “Why You Won’t Have JSTOR When You Graduate and What You Can Do About It

  • Abstract excerpt: Weeks after you graduate, you will lose access to the important databases, journals, books, and articles that you have utilized through the library for the last four years. Students are shocked to hear this and are often unprepared for finding information outside of the academy. This session will inform you about why this happens and how you, as an information creator, can change the system. The session will also feature free and open tools you can use to find information after leaving Davidson. Librarians will walk you through tips and tricks for retaining your copyright as you start to publish or work in a corporate environment.

Co-created and facilitated a panel (with fellow IL librarian Cara Evanson and Biology faculty member Kevin Smith) on Information Ethics and Privilege. Asked students to consider the ethical complexities of open access and scholarly publishing.