Blogging for ACRLog


I was invited to start blogging for ACRLog in November 2014. Blogging on a national platform has been both professionally and personally rewarding. I’ve been able to have a dialogue with librarians about a range of issues, including LIS student concerns, pedagogy, first generation librarianship, open education, peer mentoring, and the Framework for Information Literacy.

Read some of my posts here:

I’ve also guest blogged and co-blogged for several venues, including Maria Accardi’s blog on librarian burnout. 

Burns, D. & Crissinger, S. (2015, November). “In what other field do you have to explain what you do to your idiot friends?”: Emotional burnout in defending LIS. Librarian Burnout.

Wagner, M. & Crissinger, S. (2015, June). On data: Perspectives from an incoming MLIS candidate & a recent graduate. Databrarians.

Crissinger, S. (2014, 9 April). Spring break service: Using students today to create leaders forever. Service Learning Librarian.


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